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Still Useless
in every way
Book #1: Seraphina 
12th-Aug-2012 09:50 pm
Dean rockstar

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Quote: Lars stopped abruptly. The silence hit hard, a shock wave of relief, but he wasn't finished playing. He had merely paused to shout: "I like it loudt!"

The brawling pipes sprang back to cacophonous life, but there was a smattering of laughter and applause, as if his statement had lent the performance some humor or at least some sense.

I love Lars and the rest of the grotesques that inhabited Seraphina's mind garden.

This book came at exactly the right time. I had been struggling a lot to find my last book and I couldn't get into anything I tried to read. I forced myself through about 100 pages of Something Wicked This Way Comes but I was just not connecting well so I gave up. So basically Thursday I was just like have to pick something or go back and try to finish the last half of SWTWC. Luckily, Seraphina came in the mail and I couldn't put it down! Finished it about 3am friday morning.

This book is basically about a girl (with a secret) who saves her kingdom/the royal family/visiting Dragon Leader from a rebel plot. The world is something I haven't seen before and I like that you're just kind of thrown into it. You're not left confused by anything and things like class/history are explained but I like how organically things seemed to be rolled out.

Really recommend it. I know it's a new book but I don't think I've ever seen anything with zero 1 or 2 star ratings on amazon.

And with that, I declare myself VICTORIOUSSSSSSSSSSS. I'm probably not going to make another post for a bit because I'm lazy but here's my pinterest board with all the covers of the books I read this challenge! https://pinterest.com/amandanilomua/books-books-books/

Thanks, as always, for reading my rambling! I will probably be doing more challenges but maybe less books/themed ones. I've proved that I can do it twice and I don't really want to increase the quantity because, you know, tv. But I still like to challenge myself so we'll see what I can come up with next!
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