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Book #2: Devil's Cape


Devil's Cape by Rob Rogers

Quote: "I have come to Devil's Cape today," he said, "to clean up a mess that the citizens of this cesspool should have cleaned up themselves." He turned and pointed at the statue of St. Diable. "This is your city's beloved founder. A pirate. A brigand. A criminal. You venerate your pirate origins." He turned back, sweeping his hands wide. "You tolerate your criminal reputation." He shook a fist. "And you assassinate the people who try to pull you up to something better."

I love this book so much! In a world where superheroes are plenty, Devil's Cape is an oasis for villains and crime. No hero has ever lasted long in the corrupt pirate town.

The story is told in a kind of unusual way. You get bits of the "what's happening now" stuff to introduce our main characters: Jason, Cain, and Kate. But before and mixed in with that stuff you the history for basically everything that leads them to become the heroes of the story. I feel like there's a lot of depth and details. Sometimes this can make me want to kill myself but in this book I was really engaged throughout the whole thing. There are also fun little excerpts from newspapers and documentaries about Devil's Cape/characters that I thought were really fun and crucial to understanding the world these people exist in.
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