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Book #3: Redwall


Redwall by Brian Jacques

Quote: Skullface had time for just one agonized scream before he fell. The iron-shod cartwheels rolled over him. He lay in a red mist of death, the life ebbing from his broken body.

First of all, this is the most violent children's book everrrr. Second, I finished reading all 100 books on friday so I have indeed finished the challenge before the 13th. I am just really slacking and getting absorbed with other stuff. I was supposed to write up these last three when I woke up this morning but I wasn't feeling good so I just watched a BBC stream of the closing ceremonies and hung around ohnotheydidnt ALL DAY.

Moving on, while I did like this book the writing style was a little bland so I'm not sure I'm going to continue with the other bazillion in this series. I really enjoyed Constance the Badger and feared for her life throughout the book. She was such a loud mouth, I thought for sure something absolutely brutal would happen.

I also kind of hate that even though there was obviously a burgeoning romance between Mathias and Cornflower the Abbot was all (paraphrased cause I can't find the page right now) "You must be his wife because our hero deserves someone young and pretty by his side." Shut up, Abbot.
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