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Book #4: Stray (Shifters, Book 1)


Stray (Shifters, Book 1) by Rachel Vincent

Quote: If my scent didn't convince him, one look at my eyes would. Cats can communicate anger through their expressions just as people can, and I was really good at looking pissed off. I'd had lots of practice.

So I kind of skimmed reviews to refresh my memory a little bit and damn people really hate Faythe. She is an asshole, granted. But I didn't remember being as annoyed with her as others. I skipped through the book a little just now while finding the quote (which is in itself an example of her being annoying) and the shear amount of times she uses the word "daddy" makes my skin crawl. I'm not opposed to a college aged girl calling her dad "daddy". But it is used *A LOT*.

Also this book (and beautiful lies and fablehaven) began my streak of some seriously violent books. This one includes girls being kidnapped and raped and their stomachs being torn out. Also terrible world building/werecats that act more like wolf packs. And an annoyingly aggressive love interest who doesn't accept no for an answer. Because, as it turns out, no actually DOES mean keep hounding me until I admit that yes, I do love you to Faythe. Blech.
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