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Book #10: Juniper Berry


Juniper Berry by M.P Kozlowsky

Quote: Juniper could remember a time when her parents would never have allowed her to play in the rain. But these weren't those times, and these didn't seem to be those parents. It was as if she had new parents each year, one pair continuously traded in for the next. And so, the next day, out she went, into the rain.

Juniper's parent were fantastic, they loved spending family time together and encouraged Juniper to write screenplays for them to star in. And then, gradually, as they became more and more famous her parents barely noticed her. They kept her locked inside their family home, home schooled, with nobody to talk to but her dog Kitty. But Juniper can't seem to shake that there is something more wrong with them, that this isn't a normal reaction to fame.

One night out in the rain, she stumbles upon Giles, who claims he had seen his parents, a pair of famous musicians, disappear somewhere in her woods. As they discover the secret to their parents fame, they are faced with great temptations.

Fun book, I really enjoyed it! It was really imaginative. Although on a weird note the pages smell terrible. I've never had a brand new book smell this bad.
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