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Book #12: Bubbles Unbound


Bubbles Unbound by Sara Strohmeyer

I wanted a new light and fun mystery-esque series since Stephanie Plum, Sookie Stackhouse, and Pepper Martin are all irritating me lately so I tried this one. It's not bad!

Bubbles is not taken seriously. For one, her name is Bubbles. And she's a hair dresser. And she's taken every course the community college has to offer after her husband, whom she put through law school, cheated on her and was court appointed to pay for any education she wants. Bubbles finally narrows down her career options to journalist and gets embroiled in the mysteries of a 10 yr old case of a teen suicide, a current day dead body in the park, and the implications it means for one of the wealthiest men in town. It was fun and easy but it didn't quite hook me the way the first few books of the aforementioned ladies did so I'm not sure about it.

PS: I was behind like 12 books when I started today so I'm just trying to get through as many as I can today and tomorrow and resume reading. Almost to the finish line, guys!
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