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Still Useless
in every way
Book #25: The King of Attolia 
14th-May-2012 09:37 pm

The King of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner

Quote: Costis closed his eyes in shame. All the events of the day, which had been so nightmarish and unreal, were terribly, terribly true, the mark beside the king's mouth unmistakable, and incontrovertible, every knuckle of Costis's fist indelibly represented there.

Eugenides said, "You did swear less than two months ago to defend my self and my throne with your life- didn't you?"

He'd gone down like a rag doll.

I love clever books. It's hard to explain but they're the books that inspire me the most. Eugenides has pretty much tricked me every book so far. I was really really fooled by the way he was acting in this one. I questioned it, because it was so weird, but the narrative gave reasons and I ultimately let myself accept it. And then his plans were revealed and it's awesome.

Poor Costis, though. He was such a pawn.
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