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Still Useless
in every way
Book #29: Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1) 
25th-Apr-2012 03:13 pm

Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1) by Jim Butcher

Quote: Murphy glared at me. "You keep saying 'she,'" she challenged me. "Why the hell do you think that?"
I gesture toward the room. "Because you can't do something that bad without a whole lot of hate," I said. "Woman are better at hating than men. They can focus it better, let it go better. Hell, witches are just plain meaner than wizards. This feels like feminine vengeance of some kind to me."
"But a man could have done it," Murphy said.
"Well," I hedged.
"Christ, you are a chauvinist pig, Dresden. Is it something only a woman could have done?"
"Well. No. I don't think so."

I thought perhaps what I needed was a male protagonist. It hasn't exactly been LONG since I've read books with male leads (Inspector Sejer novels, Floating Islands) but for my challenge this year the books have been extremely girl heavy. This was my thought process as I took to amazon again for a new shipment of books and chose Storm Front. As I was very quick to learn, a male lead does not solve my problems. Especially when he and his supporting cast are dumb as shit.

I absolutely hated it and will not be subjecting myself to the 14+ books in this series. As we have learned in the past (Vampire Diaries, Cirque Du Freak, Percy Jackson, Bride's Kimono etc) I am filled with intense rage when supporting characters have to be really dumb to make the plot work and/or make the lead look smarter.

It doesn't work in this book, since I still come away with feeling Dresden is an idiot and the most boring lead character in the world. My eyes kept glazing over as he explained. fucking. everything. He also writes off his sexism as he's just an old fashioned guy. The above quote illustrates it fairly well. Also the killer is a man, so he's wrong.
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