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Still Useless
in every way
Book #45: 666 Park Avenue 
22nd-Mar-2012 07:29 pm
Dazzled you gon get

666 Park Avenue by Gabrielle Pierce

I was pretty disappointed that this was more of a romance novel than a thriller. There was mystery! Which was yay. But there was lots of sex and swooning which was not.

I bought it because there is a tv show being made based on this book series. However the stuff I read about the tv show has NOTHING to do with these books. 666 Park Avenue (actually 665 Park Avenue in the books) is a mansion in the book where a family of influential socialites live and Jane Boyle moves to after being swept off her feet by Malcolm, the Doyle matriarch's son. Jane newly discovers she is a witch. There was just enough good stuff for me to enjoy the book and move on to the sequel asap!

The show, much more interestingly, is about an apartment building with supernatural going-ons. I hope it gets picked up!
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