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Still Useless
in every way
Book #55: The Girl of Fire and Thorns 
25th-Feb-2012 10:53 pm
Flajack Suspicious

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

I have discussed this before elsewhere and I'm sure it makes me a horrible person but. I don't think it's a good message when your fat heroine only becomes an interesting and likable character after they have lost weight. I mean, if that's the message then sure, I guess. I just really really didn't like Elisa throughout the first portion of the book where she talks about her fatness and then spends her time in the kitchens (eating TWO pastries as the book constantly informs us) and digs through her fat rolls to touch the Godstone lodged in her bellybutton for comfort. Blah!

But then she gets kidnapped from her husbands kingdom and has to travel across the desert for a month and comes out the other side much skinnier. Although the food references do.not.stop. They change to surprising realizations that she hadn't eaten one single thing that day or that she wasn't even hungry or that she turned down food. And then she leads a badass revolution. Again, later parts of the book are much better but I don't know. The fact that I liked the skinnier Elisa better bothers me.
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