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Still Useless
in every way
Book #59: Wither (Chemical Garden, Book 1) 
29th-Jan-2012 12:04 am
Ballgown Fight

Wither (Chemical Garden, Book 1) by Lauren Destefano

I feel like my shipment of 13 books was blessed by the gods because I'm almost done with the lot and they've all been pretty decent (Frenzy doesn't count. JESUS, really? I can't stop shaking my head at that).

This cover was pretty! Which means, I read nothing about what this was about before I bought it and was pleasantly surprised by how good the story was. It's another dystopian society story where due to a virus females die at 20 and men at 25. Rhine gets kidnapped and sold into a polyamorous relationship with some rich dude is controlled by his father and completely oblivious to the fact that he married kidnapped women. It's mainly about her bonding with her sister wives and trying to figure out how to escape and I really really enjoyed it!

I've finished 2 more books and am hoping to get through a few more this week but I'm being kind of lazy so I might not update for a bit~

Also! I made a goodreads account and have no friends so add me if you have one! http://goodreads.com/amandanilo
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