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Still Useless
in every way
Book #64: Thirteen Reasons Why 
15th-Jan-2012 07:39 pm

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

I really liked the dual narrative and the set up in this. Summary: Hannah Baker commits suicide but before she does she sends out a box of 7 cassette tapes to the first person on her list. There are 13 people total and each have a tape side dedicated to the reasons they contributed to her death and when they finish listening to all the tapes they are to mail the cassettes to the next person on the tape or else a third party will release a copy of the tapes to the public.

HOWEVER I kept waiting for something bigger to happen (Monte Cristo and Revenge have whetted my appetite for vengeful payback!) it was mostly small stuff that piled on top of each other that eventually made Hannah put herself in bad situations so she could justify her self pity. And then it seems like it just ends. Which I guess on one hand is fitting for a book about suicide but I really wanted to hear more about the aftermath of the thirteen getting the tapes.
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