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Still Useless
in every way
Book #65: Thirteen Days to Midnight 
15th-Jan-2012 01:22 pm
Flajack Suspicious

Thirteen Days to Midnight by Patrick Carman

I'm a little stumped at what to say about this one. I really had high hopes for it, the blurb sounded cool. But in the end it was just kind of weird.

Jacob's adoptive/foster parent whatever tells him he is indestructible right before smashing into a tree that should have killed them both but Jacob walked away from completely unscathed. Several weeks later Jacob decides to write those words on a new (hot) girl's cast and then she plants it off her long board and should have broken something major but gets up with not even a scratch and had felt none of it. Eventually Jacob tells her and his bff Miles that he has this power. Oh, the girl, decides they should test it out and use it to help people. They discover Jacob can give it to people and then take it back. Oh gets power hungry without people noticing and blah blah they save a ton of people and Oh tests the powers on herself by trying to kill herself in numerous ways. She seems to get sicklier as time goes on and eventually seems to want to kill herself for real but Jacob leaves her with the power so she can't.

Finally Jacob decides to go check out a box his caretaker left for him because he's an idiot and only just then realizes something is wrong. On the way there Miles theorizes what's happening calling what is passing between Jacob and Oh and all the people they saved "a black lion" and that would have been fine. But now I have a writing quibble. In the following pages when they open the box, Mr. Fielding has written the story of his immortal life and how THE BLACK LION was passed to him from Houdini. He used the same words to describe the power as a kid (who is unrelated and is just throwing out ideas which happen to be spot on and use the same language as the official account). It bugged me so much! After that I checked out. I really do not like this book.
19th-Jan-2012 02:59 am (UTC)
This review was kind of confusing because whenever you said "oh" I thought you meant it in an "oh!" kind of fashion ... not sure I like the name. The ending sounds weird ...
19th-Jan-2012 04:21 am (UTC)
Trust me, it was confusing in the book too. I thought this book was going to be some kind of epic face off with the Grim Reaper but I was sadly mistaken :(
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