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Still Useless
in every way
Book #68: Kiss in the Dark (Scarlett Wakefield, book 3) 
2nd-Jan-2012 09:48 am
VM Burned

Kiss in the Dark(Scarlett Wakefield, Book 3) by Lauren Henderson

I had forgotten how horrible I thought the second one was so I was surprised at how much I hated this one. Everyone is dumb. EVERYONE. The mean girl torments Scarlett over an etiquette book she had to pose for. She particularly zeroes in on the How To Exit A Car Properly section with this weirdness:

"Come over here, will you, and show me how to keep my legs together? It's something I seem to have a little problem with from time to time, but I'm sure it isn't an issue for YOU!"

Did she not just burn herself more than Scarlett? I just...I don't understand. Also she's bullying Scarlett's bff who is constantly reffered to as butch and badass but refuses to do anything about it. It is later discovered that she's rolling over because Plum can put her family in danger because...they're spies and Plum had accidentally encountered her brother while on vacation. He was undercover as a millionaire or something and Plum, not knowing what was going on, kept insisting he was a liar. She's now threatening tabloid exposure so the bff is afraid her family will be in danger. I don't even know guys.

There's some weirdness about Plum constantly referencing Scarlett/Taylor being lesbians but it doesn't register to Scarlett for like half the book and then she feels like she has some latent homophobia for a bit before she recognizes that she's just unhappy that if it's true, her bff isn't comfortable enough to confide in her...I DON'T EVEN KNOW GUYS

It's just full of weird logic and the mystery in this one is pretty lame. The gardner, now Scarlett's secret boyfriend, gets in a fight with his father and the next day the dad turns up dead. I only enjoyed it for Scarlett freaking out that she causes death wherever she goes. But anyway most of the book is Scarlett being clingy towards Jase and then telling herself not to be clingy towards Jase. Or crying over gifts Jase gives her/tells her he's planning to give her.

Anyway the book ends leading into the mystery of her parents deaths. She knows who killed them but not why. Hopefully it's the last book!
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