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Still Useless
in every way
Book #77: A Monster Calls 
18th-Nov-2011 10:38 pm
Stormy skies

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Such a beautifully written AND illustrated book. After Conor's mother begins another new treatment to beat her cancer he begins to have a recurring nightmare. One that he can't admit to himself in the morning. As his mother takes a turn for the worse he is visited by a monster who tells him three stories, and wants one in return. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL images accompany the text and I just love it to pieces.
22nd-Nov-2011 11:19 am (UTC)
Sorry to make an unrelated comment on one of your review pages (which I enjoy, by the way), but I received a spam email from you today - or from your mek gmail account. It seemed unusual for you to recommend me to visit a site on the basis that I should stop searching because the link in question had "everything" ;)

Anyway, not sure if that's an email issue or someone copying your email address, but I thought I'd mention it since there were a few other email addresses that might/might not be known to you included.

Also unrelated: I really like your journal style/picture/colour choices.
22nd-Nov-2011 04:30 pm (UTC)
Was the email sent today or last week, I think around Nov 15th? My account was accessed by someone in spain and sent spam mail to everyyyyone! I changed my pw and everything but if it's still happening I'm not sure what to do!

Thank you :) I really like my journal so I'm reluctant to let it go even though nobody uses lj anymore!
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