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Still Useless
in every way
Book #78: Hero 
18th-Nov-2011 10:31 pm
Flapjack Gulp

Hero by Perry Moore

I would probably be able to write a more fleshed out and substantial review of this book if I had written it a few days ago. But I have just seen Twilight and my mind is a puddle of mush.

There are things about this book that I didn't exactly enjoy. A lot of it was Thom's descriptions of Uberman's perfectly placed nipples or Goran's really creepy staring. And that I feel it took so long for me to realize Thom was actually gay and not the subject of insecure jock bullying for no reason. Maybe I wasn't paying attention right (I also didn't read the back cover so, whoops!) but I feel that his sexuality was such a major driving force for the whole book that I think that perhaps the name calling incident at the beginning of the book would have generated less subtle reflecting in the following scenes. It was basically "one of the other team members called me a faggot and now my dad won't look at me"???

Aside from a sluggish beginning (and the nipple description! I just don't know what's wrong with me but I just can't!) and that I would LOVE some more details about the backstory of Thom's dad and his expulsion from the League, the ending really pulled it together. Once they turned it into a bit of a murder mystery I was completely on board and the end made me want to cry.
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