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Still Useless
in every way
Book #82: The Stone Light (Dark Reflections, Book 2) 
6th-Nov-2011 12:36 pm

The Stone Light (Dark Reflections, Book 2) by Kai Meyer

In Book 2 the story splits between Merle's adventures in Hell and Serafin's journey with the rebels of Venice. I like this book the most because it gives a lot of the pieces to whats actually going on. And we meet Winter! The embodiment of the season who is looking for his lost love Summer, the only being he can touch without freezing to death. He's crazy and awesome.

Also crazy, but not awesome, is Lord Light. But he leads to Vermithrax becoming more awesome so I'm pretty happy.

Serafin's story is kind of boring by comparison except when he and his group of rebels (including a mysterious Sphinx) escape and end up chilling on a sea witch's corpse for a while? It was weird.
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