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Still Useless
in every way
Book #89: Bayou Moon 
24th-Sep-2011 02:29 pm
Budlight and your Daughter

Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews

The cover looks like a total romance novel but I got this one for like 3 at a Borders sale and I need new urban fantasy serieseses now that the Mercy Thompson series is only released every other year. I really liked this one but it will unfortunately not be my new series. The books follow a new character in each one and that annoys me.

But anyway, fun world building, cool creatures, interesting villains and lead characters. Also I love swamps! I mean, I wouldn't like to actually be in a swamp but it is such a visual setting that I love seeing/reading stories that take place in one.

I was reading this one at work but my sinus headaches have been interfering and reading words is tougher going on my eyes than watching tv so I didn't do much when I came home either. But I finally finished it last night when my needle injuries were keeping me awake so yay.

I'm hoping to read 2 more books by the end of this month but we'll see. It's tv premiere month so I don't expect much from myself.
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