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Still Useless
in every way
Book #92: The Last Thing I Remember 
30th-Aug-2011 03:49 pm
Flapjack Wut

The Last Thing I Remember by Andrew Klavan

I just did not like this one bit. Not only was there a 3 page description of our 17-year old protagonist doing a karate demo for his classmates at an assembly and receiving a standing ovation and mega props from the student body afterwards. He also wins the admiration of his crush, one of the 3 most beautiful girls in school. I don't care how good at karate you are THERE IS NO WAY THIS WOULD HAPPEN. Martial arts is cool in film/tv when done by hot people with their shirts off. It does not have broad appeal when done by a 17 year old boy alone on stage. It just doesn't.

But even beyond that this book was kind of a mess. It starts off with Our Hero strapped to a chair. No literally the first words are "Suddenly I woke up strapped to a chair." It really sets the mood of "this book is going to be really basic and stupid." and then we flash back to the last day he remembers (the day of the aforementioned Karate demo) and find out it's been a yearish since that day and he can't remember any of it. And then some stuff about how he killed someone and people implanting memories and it's all very messily put together which may be the point because it's a series.

I don't know, apparently this author is really good. Maybe I'm not patriotic enough for it.
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