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Still Useless
in every way
Here We Go Again 
8th-Apr-2011 01:03 am
STFU watching tv
I've been thinking a lot about tv this week. I mean, if you know me then you know I think about tv a lot every week. When I say "a lot" I mean waaay more than usual. I wouldn't say it keeps me awake at night or anything but when I can't sleep, I tend to start thinking about tv. I used to write stories, but I don't think that will ever happen again. Tv though? TV is my hobby (and, if I have even a smidgen of luck, my career) for life. We can probably blame all this thinking on the Grey's Musical disaster. Grey's was one of the shows responsible for my current existence as a television addict. And although I gave up on it and Desperate Housewives and LOST disappointed me in the end, I am grateful for my little Triumvirate of shows. They saved me from the suckpit of watching 7th Heaven with my mom, for one. Mostly they helped me find something I love, and that? Is very hard to do. Seriously.

In honor of whatever this breakdown is, I give you some of the most memorable moments of television for me. They're not necessarily my FAVORITE SCENES OF TV EVERRRR, because I think we all know by now I am a bad decision maker and if I even try to make a BEST EVER list my head would explode. Seriously, you guys. I don't have my complete list of tv shows on this computer but the one last updated in 2009 has 47 shows listed. I could never choose.

Grey's Anatomy- Losing My Religion 2.27
From the moment Alex walks into that room to the point where Izzie quits and walks down the stairs with Alex and George walking in step behind her (clip cuts off before then), this? Was the best this show has ever produced. That's not me being mean about what it's become. This scene was just so beautifully heartbreaking. The bomb episode, the train episode (one of my absolute favorites) have nothing on these 4 minutes or so of television.

House- House's Head 4.15
When I watched this scene for the first time I was completely breathless. Throughout this whole episode House is trying to figure out what he forgot and then he had his Sherlock Moment where everything clicked into place and it's horrifying. This is, I think a fan edited version of some of the best 10 minutes House has ever produced (barring the episode Three Stories, of course!).

Lost- All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues 1.11
When I think about LOST, a LOT comes to mind. There are so many scenes that I love and so many scenes that I hate and so many scenes that just confuse the fuck out of me but this is one of the first times it got me. I remember immediately going on the computer to make sure everyone on TWOP was as creeped out as I was! And thank you, Shephard Fist Punch of Life, for making me laugh through my tears.

The Office- Casino Night 2.22
It's really the kiss at the end of this episode that is TRULY the most memorable for me but Jim's confession.. oh god. I was dead. DEAD. I love them so much.

Friday Night Lights- I Think We Should Have Sex 1.17
I loved her before but I think...I think in this scene is where I decided I wanted to BE Tami Taylor. She just says the most perfect things even when she's all raw and upset and being a little unreasonable. I also just enjoy Julie getting yelled at, I can't help it. She gets to be with Matt Saracen and I don't.

Bonus! Eric/Tami conversation from the same episode. Best married couple ever.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer- Becoming Part 2 2.22
Ah, Buffy. I remember everything about Buffy. Every part of Buffy is memorable. But this fight here more than all her other fights, more than all the kissage, and the curse breaking sex? Is why Buffy/Angel work for me where Bella and Edward, Sookie and Bill or Eric, Elena and Stefan or Damon and any other mortal/vampire out there don't. They would not stand a chance if something like this happened to them. Sookie and Bella are especially victim-y in this respect. Buffy's not a victim. Buffy fights back. They're equals and that's why I love them so very much. Except for that time when Angel turned human and then back into a vampire and made Buffy forget the whole day happened. That really sucked. Because of all the tears pouring down my face, of course.


Pushing Daisies- Dummy 1.02
I can't believe I haven't watched this show since it was cancelled. I couldn't even think about it for awhile because it hurt so bad. But my Itty Bitty love is eternal. Any time Olive opened her mouth, to sing especially, was always a fantastic treat. It even made me like my least favorite Grease song (seriously, I skip it every time I watch that movie).


Wonderfalls- Lovesick Ass 1.08
I don't talk about it much because nobody has heard of it but Wonderfalls is ACTUALLY my favorite show of all time (I picked! I PICKED AND I CHOOSE YOU JAYE TYLER). In particular I love Jaye/Eric. In particular I love this scene of Jaye ogling Eric while he puts a satellite on her trailer at the High and Dry trailer park. And no pesky animal items telling her to let him go back to his Heidi-ho wife! Yet >:(

Community Physical Education 1.17
Vampire Abed is my favorite Abed of all. NBC removed the scene from youtube unfortunately but here's a gif!


9th-Apr-2011 04:22 pm (UTC)
Well, the only one of those moments I'm familiar with is the Buffy one ... I think I stopped watching television when you started because most of those shows I had a chance of becoming entangled with but I just got out of the habit of watching things. Sometimes I miss television ... now all I watch is Glee and Criminal Minds.
9th-Apr-2011 11:32 pm (UTC)
Buffy ftw! I love Buffy, I just re-watched the first few seasons TWICE this month cause after I finished my friend wanted to watch them too XD

This list makes me miss tv too, even though I watch it at least an hour a day! For the most part these episodes aired 4+ years ago (with about 2 exceptions) and only Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies were cancelled but the rest have been disappointing me lately. Community is only on it's 2nd season though so I still have some hope for it!

Glee...I had such high hopes. But it's so frazzled and ADD that I have to turn off my brain to enjoy the pretty/music. Once the bully story happened though I just gave up. They tell it well but they can't have a serious issue like that and then play Sue's bullying and psychopathic tantrums for laughs. And out of the 2 choices, I pick Sue!
11th-Apr-2011 11:21 pm (UTC)
I didn't think it would, but that Grey's scene totally made me tear up again. That dress ;; It was so good, I don't even. Why did they ruin it so?? ;;

Also, that Abed gif makes my heart happy ♥
12th-Apr-2011 07:27 am (UTC)
It makes me want to cry every time. I went and watched the full scene after I made this list and they really really should have ended the season with Izzie walking out. I did not give a fuck about Meredith's choice after that heartbreaking scene!

Troy's little vaulted run thing always cracks me up. I love Troy so very much~

I have over 100 icons and this is the only Grey's icon I have uploaded. Before it was like half of them! I hate that they ruined it >:(
13th-Apr-2011 01:20 am (UTC)
If I made one of these, every last one would be Buffy-related ^_^
14th-Apr-2011 06:19 am (UTC)
Haha I could make endless lists about Buffy~
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