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2012 Movie List 
31st-Dec-2012 10:01 pm
nmtb dizzy
January- Man on a Ledge, One for the Money

February- Big Miracle, Wanderlust, The Secret World of Arriety, This Means War, Gone

March- The Lorax, The Hunger Games, 21 Jump Street, John Carter, Mirror Mirror, Project X

April- Cabin in the Woods, The Five Year Engagement, The Lucky One, The Raven

May- The Avengers, Men in Black III, Battleship, Dark Shadows

June- Rock of Ages, Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus, Brave, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Seeking a Friend For the End of the World, Magic Mike

July- The Amazing Spider-man, The Dark Knight Rises, Step-up 4

August- Total Recall, Expendables 2, Paranorman, Cosmopolis

September - Bachelorette, Looper, End of Watch, Resident Evil, Dredd

October- Butter, Frankenweenie, Pitch Perfect, Fun Size

November- Wreck-it Ralph, Red Dawn, Skyfall (007), Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, Rise of the Guardians

December- The Hobbit, Les Miserables, Django Unchained
30th-Dec-2011 10:57 pm (UTC)
Oh good, there are a few movies I actually want to see aside from Brave next year. I was worried...
31st-Dec-2011 02:21 am (UTC)
I'm really excited for all the cheesy stuff coming out this year but also genuinely excited for The Lorax, Brave, Hunger Games, Men in Black III, and The Avengers~ So gooood.
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